It is pretty safe to say that everyone has at least one home cleaning product they frequently use around the house. Did you know that home cleaning products are among some of the most toxic items we have in our homes? Typical household cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful and even fatal to children and pets. If you’re still using chemical-laden cleaning products, you may want to consider the benefits of using a chemical free cleaning product in your home.

Instead, choose an eco friendly, chemical free cleaning product for chores around the house, like Nexus Green Lubricating and Penetrating Solution™, a sustainable non toxic, non-flammable household cleaning product that is safe for the whole family. Here are some reasons why a chemical free cleaning product and natural cleaning solutions are a great choice for your home.

Benefits of Using a Chemical Free Cleaning Product in the Home

Healthy Family

Reducing the amount of chemicals in homes has been proven to be beneficial to the immune system, which means that your family will be healthier, with fewer illnesses. In addition, new research indicates that a reduction in chemicals also helps with chronic conditions, such as allergies.

Get Stuff Cleaner

Eco-friendly cleaning products have been shown to produce better cleaning results than the typical chemical-laden products most people have in their homes. The natural ingredients effectively cleans and removes up to 99.9 percent of bacteria found in homes.

Make Meals Safer

You may not even be aware that the chemicals in the cleaning products you use can remain on counter tops, utensils, cutting boards, and your kitchen sink, even after you wipe them away. This can contaminate foods prepared in the kitchen. Chemical free cleaning products like Nexus Green, are good alternatives because they are odor free, non-toxic, and safe to use around food.

Breathe Cleaner Air at Home

Better indoor air quality is a definite perk of using a chemical free home cleaning product. Those with harsh chemicals can reduce the air quality of your home drastically and have even been proven to increase the risk of asthma.

Easy on the Skin

Cleaning products with chemicals, like WD40, can be harsh and irritate your skin and hands. Using eco-friendly, sustainable products like Nexus Green, the safe alternative to WD40, can help avoid skin issues, but still lubricates, penetrates, and cleans like similar products with harmful chemicals.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Natural cleaning solutions are more effective at cleaning grime and dirt than chemical laden products, so you spend less time cleaning… which is always a good thing!

Do away with harsh household cleaning products with loads of chemicals and ensure the health and safety of your family and pets! Select an eco friendly alternative, such as Nexus Green, the safe WD40 alternative that offers savvy homeowners “Over a thousand uses and counting… and yes, you can use it for that, too!™”