Take a moment to think about how many times you’ve dealt with a rusty screwdriver or a beautiful fabric tainted by mysterious gunk. As someone who enjoys DIY projects, from making homemade curtains to updating antique furniture, you need a product that will help you out. Choose an eco safe product that has a thousand more uses around the home. Here are five ways that Nexus Green Lubricating and Penetrating Solution™, a non toxic plastic lubricant, can make your DIY lifestyle easier:

Keep Your Screws Loose

Every time you get ready to build a bookshelf, repair a dresser, or tighten a chair leg you struggle. The screws and nuts end up stuck or rusted and will not budge. DIY construction projects benefit from Nexus Green to keep screws, nuts, and bolts unstuck. Penetrate through the dirt, rust, and grime using this eco friendly, non flammable product.

Improve the Lifespan of Tools

Speaking of screws and nuts, you most certainly have a toolbox full of tools around your house. Some might be rust-eaten while others simply need a good wash. After you clean your tools, protect them from rust using Nexus Green for moisture displacement. Spray a coating of our non toxic plastic lubricant over your tool heads and handles to create a protecting barrier. Rust and corrosion are no match against Nexus Green.

Love Your Leather Again

Whether you work with leather as an artisan, crafter, or to make household repairs, you know the struggles involved. Leather is a tough material to work with, even for the experts. With Nexus Green, you can take a raw leather hide and soften it up- without worrying about a noxious smell or toxic residue. Save your hands and extend the life of your tools with leather softening using our sustainable, non toxic plastic lubricant.

Get Rid of Gum and Gunk

Parents of small children are not the only people who deal with gum getting stuck everywhere. Get gum stuck on fabrics, have candy melt in the bottom of your craft bag, or spill art putty on carpeting, and you are left with a major mess. Thankfully, the solvent and lubricant power of Nexus Green will remove gum or gunk from yarn or fabric.

Maintain Small Appliances

Whether you have a prized sewing machine, a vintage manual typewriter, or leatherworking machinery, your DIY small appliances require constant maintenance. By providing cleaning and lubricating yourself using Nexus Green, you extend your service calls. More importantly, you protect your valuable equipment to ensure it is ready to operate for your next home project.

Choose a Non Toxic Plastic Lubricant

Select a lubricating and penetrating product that has over a thousand uses and counting… and yes, you can use it for that too™. When you go with Nexus Green, you get more than just a bottle of miracle workers for your DIY needs. You get a completely safe product for you, your kids, and even your pets. Nexus Green is an affordable safe alternative to WD40. It can be used around food and is completely non flammable. Upgrade your DIY emergency kit with Nexus Green non toxic plastic lubricant today.