As a mom, your day is filled to the max with tasks and activities. The last thing you need is a cleaning product that causes you more grief than relief. This is where Nexus Green Lubricating and Penetrating Solution™ comes into play. Get out of sticky situations, like sliding doors that won’t budge, while keeping your family safe. Choose a non toxic spray lubricant like Nexus Green that is both environmentally and kid safe.

One Bottle, Over A Thousand Uses

When you go with an all natural, non flammable lubricant for all of your household needs, you solve multiple problems with one product. That’s because this is more than just a lubricant or penetrating solution used to open windows and doors. Nexus Green is an all-in-one non toxic spray lubricant saves the day in the following ways:

  • Easily remove crayon scribbles from your white kitchen walls.
  • Cleans up scuff marks from bottoms of chair legs, roller blades, and tennis shoes with dark-colored soles.
  • Gets your child’s LEGO bricks unstuck without toxic chemicals.
  • Prevents sewing needles and safety pins from rusting.
  • Cleans up piano keys in a cinch.
  • Takes away tape (or sticker) residue from windows, walls, and wood surfaces.
  • Protects against rust on screws and metal.
  • Keeps door hinges working squeak-free.
  • Gets rid of those stubborn temporary tattoos your kids always come home with after birthday parties.
  • Removes permanent marker ink that you thought would never come off of your white counters.

Over a thousand uses and counting… and yes, you can use it for that too™; Nexus Green is more than just a lubricant, this solution offers you a helping hand without putting your household’s health at risk.

Go Green With One Solution

Protect your kids and your pets, too, thanks to the non toxic, all natural solution of Nexus Green. Proudly made right here in the USA, Nexus Green features a unique, patent-pending, non toxic formula. In fact, the non corrosive and non carcinogenic ingredients can even be used safely around food.

Choose a penetrating spray that everyone in your family can use without worrying about exposure to poisons or harsh chemicals. Now you have a sustainable product you can use right in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, and playroom. You can even use it in the garden for everything from unsticking rusty tools to making shovels slide into the soil like butter.

Try Nexus Green Today

Nexus Green Lubricating and Penetrating Solution™ is the non toxic spray lubricant alternative to WD-40. It will save you money and your precious under the sink counter space. Plus, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to help the environment, rather than harming it with toxic chemicals. Best of all, this product has no smell whatsoever.

No more struggling to get rid of headache-inducing pollutants left behind from other lubricants. Your house will smell just as you expect it to without having to turn to other odor repellents to solve the problem. It all starts with choosing Nexus Green for your lubricating needs.