Having the right CLP for your firearms is vital, and a good CLP will be designed to be safe for all firearm components, including magazines. Many of the most effective CLPs are recommended for outdoor use only – they’re certainly powerful. These CLP’s may use strong chemicals that could be dangerous to breathe in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation or may be harsh to hands, or even your firearm. Finding an effective CLP that is also non toxic can be a challenge.

A good non toxic CLP for your firearms should be odor free and free of any VOCs. It should also be safe to use in any indoor or outdoor environment. This includes high heat and below freezing settings, even in temperatures as low as -23º C (-10º F). A non toxic formula should also be USDA-approved and safe to use around food, children, and pets.

Key Features of a Non Toxic CLP:

  • Strong penetrating abilities
  • Non flammable
  • Protects against rust, salt and other corrosive agents
  • Displaces moisture  
  • Long-lasting effects

Properly maintaining a weapon or weapons is vital, whether they’re used regularly or occasionally. A consistent lack of maintenance can reduce a firearm’s performance over time.

A poorly maintained weapon could cause a misfire or maybe not fire at all. Either situation is something that firearm owners want to avoid at all costs, whether they’re in the military, law enforcement or other security occupation.

Even hunters, sport shooters, and tactical shooters need to make sure their weapons are properly cleaned, lubricated, and ready to fire at a moment’s notice since split-second responses are essential.

Carbon and grease need to be cleaned regularly before they build up and gum up components. Sweat can cause damage; as can being exposed to elements such as rain, sand, salt spray and dust. Regular lubrication is also recommended after prolonged use.

In some circumstances, gun owners may be too busy to clean after every firing – so they need to be assured that their choice of CLP will help shield their firearms from damage until they can get time to perform a thorough cleaning.

Why You Should Choose Nexus Green

Nexus Green has a line of products that are powerful, non toxic, and safe for use on all sorts of surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic. This lubricating and penetrating solution uses a proprietary formula and provides penetration, lubrication, and cleaning, along with proven protection against corrosion and rust. This sustainably created product has been used successfully for more than 1,000 home and industrial uses, including auto, marine, and lawn and garden purposes.

Nexus Green even has a non toxic CLP, that’s safe for indoor use. By using Nexus Green to clean, lubricate, and protect your firearms, you’re choosing a safer alternative to the toxic competition.