You’ve Found Your Household Fix

Squeaking hinges, creaking chains, and jammed doors are annoying. And when you’re tired of opening the bathroom door with two hands, you need a household lubricant that simply solves the problem. Nexus Green is odorless, easy-to-use, and non-toxic — lubricating better than the petroleum-based competition without putting your family and pets in harm’s way.

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Go Non-Toxic in Your Garage

Tired of the offensive smell of petroleum-based automotive lubricants? Weary of their toxic chemicals? If you’re looking for a non-toxic alternative for the DIY projects in your garage, choose Nexus Green Lubricating and Penetrating Solution. Nexus Green lubricates and cleans with an odor-free, non-flammable formula that’s supremely effective for all of your car repair needs.

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Boat Greener for Bluer Waters

From stuck reels and rigging to wet engines and winches, keeping your boat lubricated is a critical part of staying sea-worthy. But petroleum-based lubricants are toxic to the creatures under the surface, and the ones holding onto your handrails. Nexus Green Marine Lubricants penetrate, clean, and protect from rust and corrosion — plus they’re safe for the environment.

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Clean, Lubricate, and Protect Your Firearms

Minimize gum up with a long-lasting, non-toxic CLP for firearms. Our CLP is formulated to clean, penetrate, and protect metal surfaces. It displaces moisture and creates a barrier that is resistant to salt spray, dust, sand, grit, and water. Plus, it’s safe on all components, including magazines, so you can clean and lubricate all your firearm parts at once.

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Don't expose yourself (and others) to dangerous toxins when there's a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solution.

Nexus Green lubricates without any harsh chemicals, silicone distillates, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This safe, odorless lubricant is easy-to-use, never expires, and is even usable in cold weather (down to -10° F).